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Lab Information System

Today in India clinical diagnostic laboratories are facing huge technical and financial challenges and are looking at innovations to maximize productivity while also identifying various avenues to reduce costs. Their main areas of concern include faster processing of samples, unpredictable number of samples on a daily basis, managing collection centers, home sample collection and most of all the need to build a trusted brand within the their geography. Lab owners also want to grow and scale the business to multiple centers and cities to capture the growing demand.

Apart from above challenges there is the possibility of human errors while repotting that could result in inaccurate Test reports and potentially cause serious repercussions for both the patient and the credibility of the diagnostic lab.

Keystones Lab Information System is designed exclusively for lab owners and pathologists to help manage the daily operations effectively. Our state of the art Lab Information System makes your entire process paperless and fully compliant with NABL requirements  LIS can be configured to fit a range of Diagnostic centers, from a Large Multi unit Diagnostic center to a small single unit diagnostic center. 

We have integrated with more than 25 different analyzer machines. These interfaces help in saving time, increasing productivity and improving overall quality of your lab by reducing human errors.

Our Laboratory Information System (LIS) helps you to manage Multiple centers, collection center, home collection, gives you accurate TAT reports , avoids human errors by integrating your lab devices. Our Dashboard gives you quick performance overview of each center on you mobile. As a lab owner at any point of time you have accurate information on overall Financial Performance, TAT, pending Tests, Pending payments.

Cloud Hosted Microsoft Azure

  • Access from anywhere
  • Multi Center Dashboard
  • Create Multiple Collection center with ease
  • Zero Server Downtime – with Azure Site recovery
  • No fear of data loss as the data is backed up in realtime on backup server
  • Easily scale your business – you just need add a new Center in our LIS

Machine Interface

  • Reduce Human Error
  • Saves time
  • Increased Productivity
  • Quality Lab Reports
  • Unidirectional or Bidirectional Interface based on whether Analyser is fully automated or not

Best Patient Experiance

  • Smooth and efficient workflow from registration till report Disptach
  • Automatic SMS Alerts to patient when reports are ready
  • Secure Patient portal to check reprots online
  • Keep patient prescription at the time of billing for future reference
  • Easy rerun options
  • Home sample collection with online reporting
  • Schedule your CT/MRI scans and avoid Patient waiting time

Reports anywhere anytime

  • No Need to download another Mobile APP to access your report, you just need an internet connection
  • Secure Patient portal for easy access to reports
  • Email reports to Patient or Referring Doctors
  • SMS Alerts to patients

Dashboard & Analysis

  • Understand your business performance with a Dashboard
  • Center wise collection reporting
  • MIS reports on Billing, Collection, Dues, Cancelled bills
  • Organization Dues and Collection Reports
  • Patient Trends
  • Modality wise reports and Trends
  • Collection center performance
  • Marketing executive performance Reports and Analysis
  • Test summary by Referring Doctors, Organization and collection centers

Access Control & Audit Trials

  • Complete user access control based on roles
  • Set reminders for user on their Anniversarries and Birthdays
  • Keep track of Billing edits, Payment refunds and edits
  • Authorized Discount payments
  • Keep track of complete user activity

User Friendly

  • Alert to user when result value is beyond Normal Range
  • Critical value alerts when you enter result beyond threshold
  • Two level verification
  • Predefined Test Templates for quick data entry
  • Rerun Tracking
  • Outsourced Test Tracking
  • Test Status Dashboard to know what is the status of each Test